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Republicans Are Letting Children Get Kicked Off Health Insurance.

Hundreds of thousands of Minnesotan children’s lives are at risk after Republicans failed to reauthorize a bipartisan program to cover health insurance for children and pregnant women (the Children’s Health Insurance Program/ CHIP). Don’t let Republicans use children as political bargaining chips. Call your Minnesotan representatives and tell them to extend funding for CHIP.

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The Republican healthcare shenanigans continue.

The Drumpf administration is cutting $396 million from MNCare and failed to reauthorize CHIP, putting hundreds of children’s and families lives at risk. To stop Republicans from taking away health insurance from millions of families, share this post and show your elected officials that you will hold them accountable.

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Tax Cuts for Trump.

Under the Republican tax plan, the wealthiest Americans – including Drumpf and his billionaire friends in his cabinet – would gain the most. $3.5 billion to be exact. The rest of us would receive nothing. Share this post to show that you won’t allow the wealthiest to make billions at the expense of everyone else.



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