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mnpACT! – Pawlenty: The “Minnesota Debacle”?

Dave Mindeman at mnpACT! provides an assessment of Governor Pawlenty’s budget practices – click HERE to read it. 

A Couple Highlights:
But one answer lies in the fact that Governor Pawlenty has never been honest with the people of this state. He has told us that we can have everything and not have to pay for it. We can have better roads and transportation, but not fix them. We can have the promise of a modern transit system, but never build it. We can keep our high quality education reputation, but not invest in it. And he can keep our taxes low, but blame local governments for having to pay for it….It would be nice if the Governor would look in that same direction. We need a state leader who is more involved with looking out for Minnesota’s future and a little less about his personal political one.

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