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Norm Coleman: “The Cure” to Partisan Disease!!!

Norm Coleman kicked off his Senate campaign by describing his opponent as a "partisan disease."  Coleman then described himself as "the cure" to that partisan disease. (Norm clearly must have forgotten about calling himself a ‘rah rah’ guy for the GOP in 2003…and the entire year of 2004 when he served as Bush’s attack dog during the Presidential campaign…or 2005 when he was a principal defender of Karl Rove…maybe these are the "mistakes" he admitted to during his speech…?)

And yes, while some might point to the fact that Norm’s record is one of partisan loyalty to the Bush-Cheney-Rove team that got him elected in the first place, we’d like to point out Norm’s pattern of fiercely attacking his opponents, and then praising himself – in a Donald Trump-like move – as a "cure" and "prophet of hope":

2008: Coleman Calls Opponent “Partisan Disease” – Describes Self as “The Cure.” In addition to describing his chief DFL opponent as a “partisan disease,” Coleman has now described himself as being “the cure” to that disease. [Associated Press, 3/26/08]

2002: Coleman Called Opponent “Voice in the Wilderness” – Described Self as “The Prophet of Hope.”  At his 2002 campaign kickoff, Coleman described Sen. Paul Wellstone as “a voice in the wilderness” while calling himself “the prophet of hope.” [Pioneer Press, 2/12/02; Star Tribune, 2/12/02]

Norm’s partisan rhetoric begs the question:

Who’s the real comedian in Minnesota’s Senate race?

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