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Pioneer Press: Franken v. Coleman for U.S. Senate – Campaign could get ugly.

The Pioneer Press ran this article on Minnesota’s Senate race. 

One item of note – Coleman said of his campaign: "In the end, I’ll do the best I can…I’ll try to be positive and optimistic. I’ll draw contrasts, but I think legitimate contrasts, not personal aspersions."

How does calling someone a "partisan disease" fit into his "staying positive" strategy? 

Let’s not forget that Coleman, like a lot of other career politicians, has played this game before.  While claiming to run a positive campaign in 2002, candidate Coleman was caught on tape calling Senator Wellstone "a joke" at a Minnesota Young Republicans event. 

The real question: Can Mr. "Prophet of Hope" Coleman continue to engage in partisan name-calling AND still hold on to his self-proclaimed status as "the cure" to partisan politics?  Stay tuned!

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