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MN2020: Green Industry Stands Ready to Stimulate the Economy.

By Lee Egerstrom
Minnesota 2020 Fellow

The wind sweeps across the plains. Construction materials are hauled to landfills to decompose, rather than converted to energy. Organic farmers look at the sun, hoping for ways to stretch the Minnesota growing season. And restaurant cooking oils spiral down the drain, instead of into gas tanks.

It’s time for Minnesota to open the floodgates on these resources.
With lawmakers at both the state and federal levels looking for ways to stimulate an economy that hangs on the edge of recession, the time is ripe to use the "green economy" for economic development plans. It doesn’t take massive tax breaks for big industries. Rather, it takes seed money to launch entrepreneurs who have good ideas for sustainable business development but don’t have the capacity to withstand all the risks….CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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