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Radio/Web Ad Targets Norm Coleman.

People for the American Way launched a radio and web ad exposing Republican Norm Coleman’s support for George Bush’s ultraconservative judicial nominees to the nation’s courts. Click HERE to view the ad. 

From People for the American Way:
The ads feature the story of Lilly Ledbetter, a factory worker who faced years of sex discrimination on the job and was paid far less then men doing the same work, won a discrimination case, but was ultimately denied justice by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 opinion authored by Bush nominee Justice Samuel Alito. The ads urge Minnesotans to contact Senator Coleman and voice their support for fair-minded judges.

‘Minnesotans should know that Norm Coleman has helped George Bush put justices on the Supreme Court who are out of step with Minnesota values — even something as simple and fair as equal pay for equal work,” said People For the American Way Political Director Mary Jean Collins. “A senator only serves for six years, but Supreme Court justices serve for a lifetime. When it comes to the Supreme Court, Norm Coleman didn’t stand for Minnesota values. He stood with George Bush.”

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