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STOP Pawlenty’s Political Games.

Tell the Governor that you are outraged by his decision and he needs to fix the mess he created by clicking here. Monday, the bonding bill became another victim of the Governor’s political games. Instead of modestly trimming the bonding bill, he decided to be vindictive and cut all transportation projects from the bill.

It really is a shame. For the first time in 20 years, legislators were able to build bipartisan support to address Minnesota’s dilapidated transportation infrastructure. The first step was passing the transportation bill, which provides sufficient funding for infrastructure improvements. The second step was the bonding bill, which allows the state to leverage federal dollars to make regional transit opportunities a reality.

But – to use a transportation analogy – the train of progress stopped there. This bonding bill was used as a political toy by a Governor unconcerned about what the citizens of Minnesota think.

Tell the Governor that you are outraged by his decision and he needs to fix the mess he created:

One of the major projects jeopardized by the Governor’s veto is the Central Corridor light rail project. This project has major benefits: It would leverage over half a billion dollars in federal funding, decrease Minnesota’s share of the project’s cost and spur economic development for areas that need it most.

Aside from these benefits, the fact is that this light rail project really can make our state better – and better for those who need help. Research shows transportation is second only to education in its ability to make social mobility possible.

But support for light rail goes beyond just one group of people. The think tank Minnesota 2020 has conducted a recent poll that shows overwhelming support for mass transit in the state.

We can no longer sit idly by as this Governor obstructs the progress that the legislature is trying to make – especially when his actions are motivated by political animus rather than policy convictions. Now is the time for Minnesotans to stand up and hold our Governor accountable for the political games he is playing with our future.

Join Us.