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G.O.P. Set to Block Bill Easing Limits on Pay Discrimination Suits.

From the New York Times:
Senate Republicans said on Tuesday that they were confident they would be able to block legislation intended to reverse a Supreme Court ruling last year that established tight time restrictions on lawsuits over pay discrimination.

Even if the bill stalls, the fight over the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act — named for the Alabama woman who lost her case at the Supreme Court — is likely to resurface in both the presidential and Congressional campaigns. Democrats and others argue that the legislation is needed to ensure pay equity, an important issue with women.

But Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other Republicans said the bill, which is opposed by the business community and the Bush administration, could create a flood of lawsuits.

“We think that this bill is primarily designed to create a massive amount of new litigation in our country,” said Mr. McConnell, the minority leader.

Leadership aides and other Republicans said they expected to be able to deny backers of the bill the 60 votes needed to bring it to the floor in a showdown scheduled for Wednesday.

Democrats and some Republicans say that the bill, approved by the House last year after the court ruling in May, was necessary to give those who believe they were discriminated against a fair opportunity to challenge their employers in court.  READ MORE HERE.

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