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Coleman STILL Supports this ENDLESS war.

ABM joined USAction and the Minnesota Nurses today — here’s the news release:
St. Paul, MN – Iraq Veterans Against the War, The MN Nurses Association, USAction, Alliance for a Better MN and Americans United For Change sharply rebuked Norm Coleman today for once again voting for a blank check to continue President Bush’s endless and unpopular war and urged him invest in America’s future.

“Norm Coleman chose once again to give President Bush a blank check to keep our troops stuck in the crosshairs of a civil war in Iraq with no end in sight,” said Donald McFarland, MN spokesperson for USAction. “Norm Coleman continues to fund this three trillion dollar war, while Minnesota’s children go without healthcare….it’s astounding.”

“Time after time Senator Coleman has sided with President Bush on the occupation of Iraq. He has been steadfast in his refusal to listen to the will of the people,” said Brandon Day of Iraq Veterans Against the War.

Linda Slattengren, President of the MN Nurses Association remarked, “Americans cannot wait for the end of this war to get access to quality, affordable health care. Imagine what $3 trillion dollars could do to ensure every American had guaranteed health care coverage. Norm Coleman’s support for this war means that we are not able to fund the basic needs of American families.”

Denise Cardinal of Alliance for a Better MN added, “Norm Coleman is a ‘yes man’ for George Bush. He continually and consistently supports President Bush’s failed Iraqi war strategy even though this war is costing Minnesota taxpayers billions of dollars. But money can’t make up for the loss of life in Iraq, and more than 60 Minnesotans have made the ultimate sacrifice. Minnesotans – and Americans – agree this war needs to end. Too bad Norm Coleman isn’t listening.”

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