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McCain Having Some Issues.

Will Thomas at the Huffington Post details a number of recent McCain gaffes. McCain’s the one saying he’s fit to be President, right? 

McCain Gaffes: A Tough Week In The Youtube Era

John McCain is having a rough week. Not only was he panned for trying to steal Barack Obama’s thunder by lifelessly reading a teleprompter in front of the big green monster, but he’s introduced a few gaffes along the way.

Thankfully, we have the modern miracle of Youtube, so you can enjoy these priceless slip ups again and again. Try to keep up.

Let Them Drink Hot Water

During his New Orleans speech, McCain promised to deliver ‘hot water’ to dehydrated infants. A quick look at the prepared speech shows that McCain actually inserted the word "hot" on the fly.

The prepared version: "We should be able to deliver bottled water to dehydrated babies and rescue the infirm from a hospital with no electricity."

Click HERE to read more and view the videos. 

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