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Norm: For the RNC before he was against it.

Less than two years ago, Norm Coleman was "thrilled " to have the RNC in Minnesota.  Today? Not so much.  Poor guy just wants to be popular.

2006: "I am thrilled that after more than a century Minnesota is once again going to be the epicenter of the nation and the Republican Party in 2008." [Coleman Statement, 9/27/06]

2008: "If the convention wasn’t in St. Paul, I wouldn’t be at the convention." [Coleman, MPR, 8/18/08]

This coming from the guy who lectured John Kerry on behalf of Bush/Cheney in ’04:

Coleman: “I anticipate that Senator Kerry will be going through an extreme makeover. I’ll be there to lay out the facts: This is where he’s been versus this is where he says he’s at today.” (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 7/22/04)

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