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MinnPost looks at Pawlenty and a “Paradigm Shift”.

Steve Berg at MinnPost has a look at Gov. Pawlenty’s resistance to Obama’s economic recovery plans.

From the Article:

"Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s distaste for President-elect Obama’s economic recovery plan is hard to miss. He called Obama’s intention to launch the nation’s largest public-works program since the Interstate highways of the 1950s ‘an elaborate Ponzi scheme’ that ‘doesn’t do anything’ to soften Minnesota’s horrific budget problems."

Gov. Pawlenty’s failure to put an economic recovery ahead of his ideology is troubling. Reinvestment in Minnesota’s infrastructure would put people back to work at a time when we desperately need to. Playing politics by walking away from this opportunity to reinvest in Minnesota and create jobs is not something we can afford right now. 

Tell Tim Pawlenty to support Obama’s economic recovery plan here.  

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