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Call Senator Klobuchar and Tell Her to Support Economic Recovery.

From our friends at Jobs and Economic Recovery NOW! we have this call to action. Since we only have one Senator right now, perhaps call two times?

Call Senator Klobuchar! 866-544-7573 toll-free

The message to Senator Klobuchar: Please vote for the economic recovery bill and oppose delaying tactics. Our state needs the jobs that will be saved; our people need its protections against hunger, sickness and unemployment. We need to rebuild our schools and roads. Vote for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009!

The Senate has begun debate on the bill. Call now! This legislation includes major improvements to food stamps and unemployment insurance, helps jobless people afford health insurance, provides billions in aid to states to prevent cuts in Medicaid, education, and other services, provides tax credits to low-income people, creates renewable energy and health care jobs, helps low-income students and poor people with disabilities, and invests in public housing and low-income communities. Overall, it has a good balance of quick aid that will boost the economy within months and investments that will help the economy over the next two years. For information on the impacts in your state, check out this Center on Budget and Policy publication

Your calls are urgently needed. People opposed to President Obama’s approach have organized calls against it. This plan recognizes what economists have told the nation: providing direct help such as food stamps and jobless benefits to low-income people jumpstarts the economy because they spend the money quickly; state aid prevents more harm to the economy and to people; investments such as school repair and energy efficiency projects create jobs. Senator Klobuchar needs to know you support this balanced approach.

Join Us.