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Pawlenty Tries to Out Conservative Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

Photo Credit: Northland News CenterTomorrow, Governor Pawlenty will speak at the Conservative Poltical Action Commitee Conference, the first cattle call of the GOP’s Presidential Primary. Actually let me be more specific about this event that Pawlenty is at. He’s speaking at an event where Rush Limbaugh, yes that Rush Limbaugh, is being presented with the "Defender of the Constitution Award".

Let that sink in for a bit. Oh, while that’s sinking in, Ann Coulter is speaking 3 hours after Governor Pawlenty (yes that Ann Coulter). 

We’re no strangers to our Governor traveling around the country to boost his image, that’s really not news. Appearing at this event, one that even the almost certain candidate Sarah Palin is skipping to deal with Alaska’s budget deficit (and some other things), shows just how far to the right Governor Pawlenty is having to go to get his hat in to the ring for the GOP primaries.

Is this good for Minnesota? Do we want to have our Governor continually proving to his base that’s he’s as crazy as Rush and Ann, or at least worthy of their endorsement? It’s just not very Minnesotan. We need him here, working on fixing our state, not courting the national right-wing. If only there was someone I could ask about this…

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