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Is Tim Pawlenty Cheating on Minnesota?

With Valentine’s Day just a day away, Minnesotans should be asking themselves if Governor Tim Pawlenty is being faithful to the people he was elected to represent.

As Congress was working on passing an unprecedented economic recovery package, Governor Pawlenty said, "we are not lobbying" for Minnesota projects to get in the bill.

That means our own Governor didn’t try to get more jobs, more money for schools, more dollars in the pockets of working families in his own state when we’re facing the biggest economic downturn in decades.

He’s turned his back on the very citizens he is supposed to represent. And like a bored boyfriend, he’s already got his mind on the next thing. In this case, it’s his national ambitions.

Tell Governor Pawlenty to stop cheating, and put us ahead of his political ambitions.

We need to get our Governor back.

Visit and take this quiz to see if your governor is cheating on you. Or read this to see the seven signs that your governor is not that into you.

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