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Now Serving: Economic Hot Dish.

Yesterday, Alliance for a Better Minnesota joined other progressive organizations to launched a counter framework to Governor Pawlenty’s budget plan.  In a truly Minnesotan fashion, the announcement was made amid the backdrop of a church basement potluck.

Denise Cardinal, ABM’s Executive Director, supplied the tater tot hot dish and I’m told the meatballs were delicious.

Here’s Denise’s email about her hot dish and the recipe for Minnesota’s economic success:

Dear Friend,

Visit and read the recipe, submit your ideas, and contact our state leaders.

Governor Pawlenty flew around the state in his plane today while I served up tater tot hot dish and meatballs in a church basement with other progressive organizations, like Take Action Minnesota, SEIU Health Care, Minnesota 2020, ISAIAH, and the Blue-Green Alliance in unveiling Minnesota’s Recipe for Economic Security, Fairness, and Opportunity.

Read the Recipe For Economic Security, Fairness, and Opportunity.

With the economy in such dire straights, the Governor and lawmakers need to be focused on more than just getting in a news story or on Fox News Sunday.  We need to be positioning Minnesota to come out of this crisis stronger and better prepared for the future. These set of principals for the budget will help us build for the future and an economy that works for all Minnesotans.

Submit Your Recipe For Economic, Security, Fairness, and Opportunity.

Governor Pawlenty’s proposed cuts only increase the strain on Minnesotans struggling in this economy. Our priorities address the long-term needs of our state. I hope you’ll read about them on our website, submit some of your ideas and sign the recipe card.

We need to let Pawlenty know that in church basements around this state, people care less about what he said on Fox News Sunday and more about how he’s helping get our state back on track.

Denise Cardinal

Join Us.