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What Gov. Pawlenty Can Learn from President Obama’s Budget.

While Minnesota’s cities struggle to avoid raising property taxes to provide services under Governor Pawlenty’s proposed budget, Minnesota families can look forward to some relief under President Obama’s proposed budget.

From the Star Tribune:

A typical American family would get a tax cut under President Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget proposal, and their low-income neighbor would fare even better.

The bottom line: The wealthiest 5 percent would pay $1 trillion in higher taxes over the next decade, while most others would get tax cuts.

Read the rest of the Star Tribune article to see how Obama’s tax cuts affect you.

President Obama’s budget is a clear break from unfair tax policies of George W. Bush, putting middle class and low-income families ahead of the super-rich and corporations.  Unfortunately, the common sense of this approach hasn’t made it’s way to the Governor’s mansion in St. Paul.

Alliance for a Better Minnesota is calling on Governor Pawlenty to use this year’s budget to create a fair tax structure in Minnesota, one that puts the interests of working families first.

Governor Pawlenty needs to understand that cutting taxes for the wealthiest few won’t improve Minnesota’s economy.   If we want to keep our streets safe, our schools great, and our roads plowed, everyone needs to contribute their fair share.  Cutting city funding leads to increased fees and property taxes, with the cost of the same service depending on what city you live in. 

We’re asking Governor Pawlenty to realize that it’s irresponsible to give big corporations more tax breaks while starving our schools, kicking folks off health care, and reducing funding for police officers and firefighters.

President Obama is gearing up to fight the special interests and lobbyists who are opposed to changing the way things are done in Washington.   ABM is gearing up to, working with TakeAction Minnesota, Minnesota 2020, the Blue-Green Alliance, and others to propose A Minnesota Recipe for Economic Security, Fairness & Opportunity.

Minnesota has the opportunity, and the capacity, to solve the myriad of problems we face.

We just need to get to work.

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