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Cities Launch Campaign to Save Police, Fire, & Libraries.

Today, Minnesota’s firefighters, police officers, librarians, mayors, prosecutors, and families announced a statewide campaign to show the effects of Governor Pawlenty’s proposed cuts to Local Government Aid (LGA).

Local Government Aid (LGA) was established as a method of providing fairness in property taxation across the state.. These services include police and fire protection, libraries, parks and recreation programs, and safe roads year-round, among others.

The campaign’s website,, provides information on how LGA is critical to funding basic local services and keeping property taxes down.

The graph above, from the LGA Basics, shows whatwould happen if LGA was eliminated and cities maintained their current tax rates. Without LGA, the level and quality of services would vary across the state.  The cost of providing consistent services across the state would likely be unequal rises in property taxes.

Check out the site to learn more about LGA, find out how cities would be affected, and contact your legislators.

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