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Pawlenty Hits the National Shows Again.

Our heartbreaker-in-cheif, Governor Tim Pawlenty, appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show last evening attempting to explain how some Republicans could complain wildly about the Recovery Act, but then still accept the funds. It was a typical T-Paw performance, with him sticking like glue to his talking points and dodging questions when he had to. However, Governor Pawlenty could stand to listen to some of the advice he was handing out last night.

During the segment, Pawlenty threw out the Republican talking point about how this should have been more of a "bipartisan moment" for Obama (nevermind all of the meetings with Republicans, the inclusion of tax cuts in the initial proposal, that stuff doesn’t matter and would be a subject for a different post entirely). While Pawlenty was saying that, I couldn’t help but wonder if Minnesota’s Governor Pawlenty was hearing any of these things that presidential hopeful Pawlenty was saying? This is the same guy that, despite facing a deficit that could hit $7 Billion, is refusing to even consider a more fair tax system for purely partisan politcal purposes, right? 

I guess this would count as sign number 8 that our dear Governor Pawlenty’s mind isn’t so much on helping Minnesota, but on tending to his national image. Minnesota needs Governor Pawlenty to be working towards a comprehensive solution to our budget problems, and that means listening to his own advice by being bipartisan and putting everything on the table. 

Click here if you want to see the interview.

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