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While President Obama Answers Questions on the Economy, House Republicans Dine on Crab, Glazed Tenderloin at Multi-Million Dollar Fundraiser.

While President Obama was answering tough questions on economic recovery, foreign policy, and health care reform, House Republicans were just 12 blocks away, dining on crab and red pepper glazed tenderloin.

From CNN:

House Republicans miss Obama’s news conference

As President Obama prepared to hold his second prime
time news conference, more than 1,200 Republicans gathered 12 blocks away to break bread at a multi- million dollar fundraiser and discuss
the road back to power in the nation’s capital.

Attendees dined on red pepper glazed tenderloin and crab, while listening to House Minority Leader John Boehner, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speak about the GOP’s future.

The NRCC, the campaign arm for House Republicans, raised million at the event.

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the President Obama’s press conference, you can watch it below–hopefully you have a better excuse than the Republicans.

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk on Flickr

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