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Make Health Care Reform Happen.

Health reform isn’t going to happen without a little push, people. With Obama’s budget including a down payment on health reform, now might be a good time to start pushing your Congress-critter to support Obama’s budget plan. Take Action Minnesota has everything you need to give your representatives a little nudge. From their website:

President Obama has said again and again that to fix our economy, we must fix health care and we must do it in 2009. The Administration’s budget puts money behind those words. President Obama put $634 billion in the federal budget as a down payment on fixing health care. This is just a start. Congress must match the President’s commitment and work with the President to provide sufficient funding for doing health care reform right. There are three things you can do right now to make sure Health Care Reform happens in 2009:

1) Call Senator Klobuchar and your Congressperson NOW!

2) Email us to confirm that you made your 2 calls.

3) Email your friends and ask them to call too. 

Head over to their website to get the phone numbers, background information, and everything else you need to help make Health Care Reform happen.

Join Us.