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Deposition Brings Norm Coleman’s Other Legal Efforts to the Forefront.


Back in November, we called on the FBI to investigate allegations that a business friend of Norm Coleman’s had illegally funneled money to the Senator through his wife. It came out a bit later that the FBI had possibly opened an investigation, but after the two trials involved had been postponed for a bit, the story had seemed to fade… until today. The Star Tribune has obtained a deposition submitted in the trial that says, under oath, that these payments were made despite "no evidence" of receiving services. From the article:


B.J. Thomas, who was chief financial officer of Deep Marine Technology Inc., said that ,000 of that sum was paid to Hays Companies even though he saw no evidence of Deep Marine receiving any consulting services from Hays.


Thomas’ deposition, taken under oath on March 19 and obtained by the Star Tribune, is the first corroboration from an official at Deep Marine of allegations made by company founder Paul McKim in a lawsuit filed last year against the company.


As Norm Coleman’s attempts to overturn the recount results are looking more futile by the day, perhaps it would be time for him to give it up and focus all of his legal might on these allegations instead. For more on this story, head over to MNPublius, MNProgressive Project, or Dusty Trice.

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