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The Stimulus in Action: Lowering Government’s Energy Bill.

Minnesota is now seeing some of the first money filter into the state from the stimulus to make government buildings more efficient. From the Star Tribune:


Among a long list of other things, the funds also can be used on transportation programs that conserve energy, projects that will reduce other greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, renewable energy installations on government buildings, energy efficient traffic signals and street lights.


Mmmmm… it feels good to see our tax dollars being invested in ways that make sense (lowering fixed costs of government as well as protecting the environment, two things in one, that’s two thing-ism!) rather than subsidies to corporations that ship jobs overseas, tax cuts for the wealthy, and reckless wars. These investments create jobs at a time when we desperately need them, but wait there’s even more…we’re actually keeping track of the money we’re spending this time *cough no-bid contracts cough*.


The Department of Energy will require grant recipients to report on the number of jobs created or retained while documenting the amount of energy saved, renewable energy capacity installed and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

We’ll continue to look for the stimulus dollars here in Minnesota, and as always, you can track for yourself at

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