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Pawlenty Looking for the Emergency Exit?

Our Cheating Gov’s past support for term limits has spread its way around the blogosphere, but from MNPublius’ Jeff Rosenberg we get a different,and much more troubling for Minnesotans angle on this story. Is the Governor legislating like he believes in term limits?

Just think about this year’s budget. In order to reduce the budget deficit for a single biennium, Pawlenty is proposing borrowing that will put us on the hook for payments for the next 20 years. His plan is to pay off the interest on one credit card by putting it on a second credit card. Unlike most credit-card holders, though, Pawlenty gets to skip town before the payments are due. It’s Minnesota’s taxpayers that are left to pay the bill, while Pawlenty will run off to Iowa to run for president.

This plan, which newspaper editorials have also taken to task, is incredibly reckless…but anything to maintain that "no new taxes" line for those pancake feeds in Iowa and town halls in New Hampshire, I guess. With a budget deficit that is this large, revenue is going to have to come from somewhere. That’s just reality, unless these sort of cuts on a local level look good to you.

From MN2020 Report on LGA. Read Here.

The question is, do we pay for these essential services in an honest and upfront way? Or, do we do it in a way that helps out Tim Pawlenty in a crowded primary field and ties our hands long after he has hired his campaign manager? If we were are going to build a recipe for the future success of Minnesota, the answer should be obvious.

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