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Sesame Street Layoffs.

Sesame Street Layoffs


New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that the recession has lead to higher unemployment in every state.  Nationally, about 4.4 million workers have been laid off since the recession started, bringing the total number of unemployed workers to a record 12.5 million.

The Center for American Progress has an interactive map which allows you to track rising unemployment in every state from February 2005  through January 2009.

Sarah Sullivan rounds up the other interactive maps which "bring the harsh realities of unemployment and incarceration rates across the country to light," pointing out that Minnesota is especially hard hit with its 7.6% unemployment rate.

The map, released by The New York Times, shows every state and divides them up so that the unemployment rate is measured by counties. Dark bands of orange split the state, showing that Minnesota has one of the worst jobless rates in the country. According to The Minnesota Independent, Clearwater County has 16.2 percent unemployment, which is double the national average. The national average rose to 8.1 percent in February. Other high-unemployment counties include numbers like 14.2, 12.3 and 11.6.

The second map, released by the Washington Post, proclaims Minnesota among the top fifth of the states in per capita incarceration rates. According to The Pew Center on the States, nationally, one out of every 31 adults is under "correctional control", but Minnesota’s figure is one in 26.

Controlling the rise of employment ought to be a priority of our state government.  This goes hand-in-hand with creating good-paying jobs.  The economic benefits of job creation extend beyond the immediate reduction in unemployment.  More jobs mean  more money in the hands of Minnesotans to care for themselves and their families — to pay the mortgage and tuition bills, to stay healthy, and to enjoy life.

That’s why Alliance for a Better Minnesota and other organizations in the state are calling on our state leaders to support a budget that helps create or save good-paying jobs.

But, we need your help.

Please take a moment to read the "Recipe for Economic Success" and sign the petition asking our state leaders to get our state back on track.


Cartoon by Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, from the Cartoonist Group, via CAP.

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