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Updated: Citigroup Doesn’t Support Workers, Despite Workers Supporting Its Survival.

Update: Via Feministe…Credo Action has a petition you can sign to stop banks from using their bailout funds to lobby for Wal-Mart. Head on over and add your name. 


Sam Stein, of White House press conference fame (and Huffington Post, I guess), brings us news that one of the financial giants on tax payer funded life support is entering the anti-worker fray. The basics:

Embattled financial giant Citigroup Inc., which has received at least billion in federal bailout funds, hosted a private conference call on Wednesday to build opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act.The call, which came just one day after the labor-backed legislation was introduced in Congress, represents a growing effort on Citi’s behalf to air concerns about the bill, which would make it easier for employees to organize.

That’s nice that Citigroup has taken some time out from shoveling in the truckloads of bailout funds to attack workers who are just trying to organize and get their fair share. Some sanity from SEIU:

"Citigroup and the Chamber of Commerce have no shame," said Stephen Lerner, director of the Private Equity Project at SEIU. "One day, Citi issues a report claiming it would hurt the stock of the Billionaire Walton family if free choice passes and workers win decent wages. Then they follow it up with a conference call where the Chamber of Commerce claims paying workers a living wage is bad for the economy."

Look for Citigroup and its anti-worker allies to coninue their scare tactics…in between taking tax payer money to keep afloat.

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