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White House Solicits Questions for Joe Biden’s Visit to St. Cloud.

Vice-President Joe Biden will be holding a town hall meeting of the Middle Class Task Force in St. Cloud this Thursday, continuing the administration’s efforts to "assess new and existing policies across the board and determine if they are helping or hurting the middle class."

The meeting will take place at the New Flyer Bus Company in St. Cloud, a low-emission mass transit facility which also has a plant in Crookston.

The Task Force is now soliciting your questions online via a form on, so login and submit your questions for the Vice-President and the rest of the task force.

More on the town hall meeting from the White House:

The town hall format will be a shift from the first meeting which focused on expert panels and presentations, and will have a focus on questions, concerns and ideas from average citizens.

Photo: White House photo 2/27/09 by Sharon Farmer

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