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Less Baloney, More Big Picture.

Yesterday, our state leaders announced the state’s projected budget deficit for the 2010-2011 fiscal year–4.57 billion dollars.  The deficit would have been even larger, were it not for the federal aid passed as part of President Obama’s economic recovery package, a package which Governor Pawlenty frequently appeared on national talk shows to oppose.

Although Gov. Pawlenty has said he would accept federal economic recovery money, his proposed budget doesn’t reflect the priorities of Minnesota’s working families.

Denise Cardinal, ABM’s Executive Director, sent out this message a few minutes ago, asking folks to ask Governor Pawlenty to use the "Recipe for Success" to solve our budget crisis.

New state budget numbers released yesterday show that our already bleak picture is getting worse.

Thankfully, President Obama’s economic recovery package will shrink our growing deficit from a now-projected $6.16 billion to $4.57 billion.  Of course, Governor Pawlenty has offered one-time budget gimmicks and accounting shifts as a "solution" while he weighs a re-election campaign or higher national office.

But our state’s long-term economic recovery depends less on the ins and outs of political posturing, and more on how we get Minnesota on track to grow today and in the future.

We need him, and our legislative leaders, to use our recipe for economic success.

Join other Minnesotans in calling on state leaders to support our recipe for economic security, fairness and opportunity. 

Pawlenty’s plan calls for deep cuts to the services we need for long-term growth, like education and health care. It’s obvious the last six years of  his "solutions" are just not working. 

Our recipe for success includes:

  • Create and keep good-paying jobs that have a future
  • Provide all Minnesotans access to health care
  • Create a fair tax structure
  • Keep Minnesota families in their homes
  • Enforce corporate accountability

Read more about our solutions and call on our leaders to support a comprehensive solution.

These solutions will help us build for the future as we work to create an economy that works for all Minnesotans and keeps the things that make our state great.

Send a message to state leaders today.


Denise Cardinal
Alliance for A Better Minnesota

Join Us.