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Updated: Bill O’Reilly Attacks Working Folks, Working Folks Respond.

Update: SEIU has a petition that you can sign complete with your own personal message to Bill O’Reilly on this issue. Check it out here. 


Via Think Progress we get SEIU’s wonderful response to Bill O’s latest attack on hard working families

Earlier this week, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly warned that “far-left extremists are unleashed, and are going for the gold. Their code words are ‘social justice’ and ‘shared sacrifice.’” The chief target of O’Reilly’s attack was “the radical left Service Employees International Union,” a group he claimed is “damaging the economic core of America.” Today, SEIU released a tongue-in-cheek video responding to O’Reilly, challenging him to walk a day in the shoes of any SEIU member. 


"Social justice" and "shared sacrifice" are hardly code words for some vast socialist conspiracy, they are American values. For too long hard work hasn’t been rewarded, and the thought of that changing apparently scares Mr. O’Reilly a great deal. Below is SEIU’s response video, and their challenge to Bill O to walk a day in any SEIU member’s shoes. You know, like President Obama did.


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