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Norm Coleman: Like the Snow That Just Won’t Melt.

What lasts longer than a Minnesota winter? The struggle to choose the nation’s 100th senator.

It’s been four months since Minnesotans voted for change and, like the snow that just won’t melt, former Senator Norm Coleman just won’t go away.

That’s why Alliance for a Better Minnesota and our partenrs are launching a Letter to the Editor campaign toremind Norm Coleman and the rest of the state that losing by a little is still losing.

Using our easy-to-use letter-writing webtool, you can quickly send a letter to the editor to newspapers in your commmunity.

Public opinion is starting to turn against Norm, but we need your help to get the message to as many corners of the state–and country–as possible.

Click here to tell Norm Coleman to step aside and let Minnesotans have full representation in Congress.

Join Us.