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Action: Call Tim Pawlenty and Tell Him to Make Baby Products Safe.


Just a few days ago the BPA chemical ban passed off the floor of the Minnesota State Senate with a 54-11 vote. While this is a big victory for safe baby products, the work isn’t finished yet. The chemical lobby hasn’t stopped manufacturing doubt, much like the cigarette companies (see the above video), and on some folks it’s working, From the Star Tribune:

Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, and 10 others voted against the bill. Hann questioned the science and said the Food and Drug Administration has not ruled the chemical unsafe.

Riiiiiiight. Anyway, further action is needed to overcome the chemical lobby’s influence. Folks over at the Healthy Legacy Coalition are calling in to tell Governor Pawlenty to sign the BPA Free Baby Products Bill (SF0247), because last time around he waved the big red veto pen. Below is the contact information, call in to tell the Governor it’s time to protect our kids from dangerous chemicals.

Call the Governor’s office today and ask him to support the BPA Free Baby Products Bill
(651) 296-3391

For more information, visit the Healthy Legacy Coalition’s website.

Join Us.