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TUESDAY: Rally at the Capitol to Support Older Adult Services.

Caregivers and supporters of long-term care services for older adults will rally Tuesday at the Capitol to urge lawmakers to make funding for these services a priority in the state budget

The rally will run from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 28, in the rotunda of the state Capitol, St. Paul.

“The Legislature and Governor set rates for nursing homes,” organizers said. “As legislators finalize the budget, it’s important that we remind them to prioritize older adult services and the jobs, economic and community stability they bring to the state.”

According to MNCN, Under Pawlenty’s plan, 4,300 Minnesotans who are disabled or elderly would not longer be eligible for home- and community-based waiver services, which allow them access home-based health care services instead of living in the more expensive and confining institutional settings. This includes the 1,100 Minnesota seniors who would be cut off form Medical Assistance.

The rally will include caregivers, consumers, legislators, mayors, and family members, organizers said. Several dozen organizations are sponsoring the event, including AARP, Minnesota Senior Federation, Seniors and Workers for Quality, Minnesota Nurses Association and the Union Coalition of Long-Term Care Workers.

(via Workday Minnesota)

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