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Can We Have Two Senators Yet?


Another ruling, another blow to Norm Coleman’s electoral Hail Mary. From the Minnesota Independent.

After counting 351 previously rejected absentee ballots, Democrat Al Franken expanded his lead over Norm Coleman in the contest for Minnesota’s still-vacant second U.S. Senate seat. Franken, who lead Coleman by 225 votes going into today’s count, now leads by 312 votes (Franken gained 198 ballots today, Coleman 111). Coleman attorney Ben Ginsberg immediately stated that the campaign would appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.


Each ruling seems to add just a bit more to Franken’s lead, yet Norm Coleman continues to hold Minnesota’s Senate seat hostage. Team Coleman is already gearing up for the Minnesota Supreme Court, and they have made it very apparent they intend to go even further. It’s time for Norm to end this mess, and give Minnesotans the representation they deserve.Click here to write a letter telling Norm it is time to step-aside.

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