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Rush compares Somali Pirates to “illegal immigrants”.

Remind me why Rep. Erik Paulsen is following Rush Limbaugh’s lead again?

LIMBAUGH: By the way, I did — and I have been paying some attention to what these pirates, the merchant marine organizers have been saying. You know, these people are mad. They’re mad that three of them have, you know, met with Davy Jones now. And when I listen to these pirates, these Somali merchant marine organizers, you know, these pirates, they used to know they were bad people. Have you ever watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp? I mean, these are mean, rotten people. I mean, these — like Bluebeard, Redbeard, Blackbeard, Captain Hook. These were — these were terrorists. These were bad, bad guys. They didn’t care what they smelled like, looked like, thought — they did nothing. They took their bounty and they ran around and they terrorized. When a pirate ship was pulling into port, the women and children fled.

Now, these pirates are kind of disappointing me. The Somali merchant marine organizers actually sound like they’re entitled. Their feelings are hurt. They think they’re entitled to these ransoms that are being paid, and I get the impression listening to them that they expect to be told, "Good job, pirate. Good job." They’re acting — they’re acting offended as hell here that our captain was rescued by our president, ordered by the Navy SEALs to rescue, and they didn’t get the ransom as though they’re entitled to it. These people have an entitlement mentality. I could have sworn that they were originally Americans who maybe fled. Maybe they were illegal immigrants or something who got here, come here with an entitlement mentality, didn’t like it, fled the scene because Republicans drove them out of the country in the last election, so they went over to Somalia and started pirating things. Because they have the attitude of entitlement just like a lot of American citizens do. We’ve got — we’ve got — call them what they want to call themselves — we’ve got the Somali pirates and the Beltway pirates. The Beltway pirates are led by Pelosi and Reid. The Beltway pirates, I tell you — you think million? That’s chump change. The Beltway pirates are demanding a trillion ransom not just from us, but from our kids and our grandkids and their grandkids.

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(h/t Media Matters)

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