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Conservatives Make the Case Against Coleman, Now It’s Your Turn.

With CQ Politics calling a Coleman victory "mathematically impossible," Norm may decide to turn to his friends in the conservative movement for a morale booster.

But he won’t find it.

True, National Republicans are still talking about a "World War III" scenario and another Bush vs. Gore, but The National Review is coming out strong, calling this "the last moment where he can exit with some dignity."

Ramesh Ponnuru makes the case:

If he keeps up the fight, he is likely to lose, unnecessarily deprive Minnesota of a second senator, end his political career seen as a sore loser, and hurt his party in a state that is eager for this fight to be over. His team has talked enough about further legal challenges that if he leaves now, he will get some points for grace. (Needless to say, that sentiment would not be universal.) But this is, I think, the last moment where he can exit with some dignity.

This comes on the heels of an editorial in the Albert Lea Tribune, a paper which endorsed Coleman during the election, calling on him to concede.

Now that conservatives (and the Albert Lea Tribune) have had their say, it’s your turn!

You can use our letter writing tool to ask former Senator Norm Coleman to stop standing in the way of the change Minnesotans voted for last November.

Take a minute to tell Norm Coleman it’s time to let the healing begin.

Join Us.