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RNC closes the books on Palin clothes.

I noted this on Twitter yesterday, but thought the Minneapolis tie warrented another mention, particularly after I stumbled across this October 2008 article in my bookmark.  Essentially, the RNC released a new report that brought the total cost of Palin clothing costs to about $173,000.

Some of that money ended up right here in Minnesota:

The purchases occurred primarily on Sept. 10 in New York and Minneapolis at Neiman Marcus ($75,062.63), Saks Fifth Avenue ($49,425.74) and Bloomingdale’s ($5,102.71). Some money was apparently spent on clothes for her husband, Todd ($4,902.08), and her children, including a $92 romper from an upscale Minneapolis baby store that her infant son wore at the Republican national convention.

The shopping spree cost about 75 times more than the average American spends per year on clothing; in 2006, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, that figure was $1,874. It also totaled more than the $125,000 Palin makes annually as governor.



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