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Taxes Do A Lot… It’s Time We Said Thanks.

Too often, we forget that the taxes we pay go towards our roads and buses, funds breakthrough research at our colleges and universities, keeps our parks clean, and pays for our police, firefighters, and our teachers.

Taxes help pay for the services we need most–and it’s time we said thanks.

While our tax dollars provide us with a lot, there is a widening gap between what the wealthiest Minnesotans pay and what average Minnesotans pay in taxes.  We need to create a fair tax structure to make sure everyone is contributing their fair share.

Denise Cardinal, the Executive Director here at Alliance for a Better Minnesota, sent out the email below this morning asking Minnesotans to take a second to say thank you to all the government services that are paid for by our taxes.


There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

But the fact is, teachers, roads, and police officers don’t grow on trees.

Taxes pay for the things we use and love — like parks — and things we need, like police. It’s time we say thank you.

Join us to say thank you to all the government services that are paid for by our taxes.  Sign our "Thank You" card to taxes, which we will share with state leaders as they address the state budget deficit in the next few weeks.

Safe neighborhoods, good public schools, and inspected bridges are just the start.

Take a moment to share with us why you appreciate all the government services you use every day.

Legislators need to hear that average citizens are willing to invest in these things — the very things that help make our state great.  A balanced approach to the state budget, which does not make drastic cuts to our most important basic services, like health care, education, and food stamps for low-income families, is essential to put our state back on the right track toward economic recovery and growth.

Please sign our thank you card and invite your friends to do the same.

Thanks for all you do,

Denise Cardinal
Alliance for A Better Minnesota


Join Us.