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POLL: Most Americans Reject Tea Party Overtaxation Argument.


The Minnesota Independent summarizes the results of the latest Gallup Poll, which finds that most Americans think their current tax burden is fair and reject the tea party overtaxation argument:

A new Gallup Poll, released two days before today’s tax day “Tea Party” protests, finds that 48% of Americans say the amount of federal income taxes they pay is “about right” — “one of the most positive assessments Gallup has measured since 1956,” according to the polling firm.

Another Gallup poll, out this morning, shows that 41 percent of those surveyed think low-income Americans are paying their fair share of taxes.

According to Minnesota 2020, middle income households in Minnesota (household income from $31,000 to $51,500) paid 12.3 cents of each dollar of income in state and local taxes, while the wealthiest one percent of households (household income above $447,900) paid only 8.9 cents.

Now is the perfect time to fix this inequality. Minnesota has a massive budget deficit that needs to be addressed and those that make the most should pay their fair share.

The simple reality is that the Governor would rather place Minnesota’s budget burden on those families that are struggling to make ends meet rather than ask those who can afford to pay more to share the pain.

Take a moment to urge state leaders to think twice about cutting public services and make taxes fair.



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