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Tarryl Clark: LGA Cuts Go To the Core of Our Ability to Offer Public Safety.

Credit: GSankary on Flickr

State Senator Tarryl Clark’s taken to the Tube, posting video updates on the budget on her YouTube channel.

In this update, she talks about Governor Pawlenty’s budget proposals that threaten public safety on a local safety with 0 million dollars in LGA cuts for basic services, including police and fire departments.

We all know, on a local level, that if our house is getting broken into, if our house is getting burned down, if something’s happening, it’s our police, it’s our sherrifs department, it’s our firefighters that are coming directly to us.

He also has projected that those cuts are estimated to cost local property owners a whopping 0 million additional this next year. That’s on top of the 60% increases due to other tax increases the Governor has passed on.

That’s a real problem.

Our local areas have worked hard to have lean and effecient services. They’re going to have to find some new and better ways to provide services, but these kinds of cuts go to the core of our community’s ability to offer police and fire safety.

According to a study released by Minnesota 2020, LGA is already down 37.5% in real dollars compared to 2002. Minnesota 2020 concludes that further cuts–like the effective 31% cut to LGA in Gov. Pawlenty’s 2010-2011 budget proposal–would bleed our communities dry.

Without local government aid, as Sen. Clark says, the level and quality of services would vary across the state and the cost of providing consistent services across the state would likely be unequal rises in property taxes. With home foreclosures on the rise and unemployment rising, Minnesotans are already being stretched to their limits. Now is not the time to cut basic services or to encourage property tax increases, as Governor Pawlenty is doing.

Watch the full "Tarryl Clark Update" below about LGA and public safety, and submit your suggestions to Tarryl about the state budget.

Visit to learn more about LGA, find out how cities would be affected, and contact your legislators.

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