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Norm Coleman Admits Recount Process Not Partisan as Legal Woes Mount.

Norm Coleman has done another 180… this time, it’s his position on the fairness of the recount process.

Jeff Rosenberg over at MNPublius caught this from Norm Coleman’s appearance on the Rachel Maddow show:

I’m not saying, by the way, that this court was a partisan court.  You had three trial court judges. They looked at the ballots in front of them. They made determinations about what they felt were legally cast ballots.

You’ll remember, of course, that the Coleman campaign spent a lot of energy attempting to frame the recount as a partisan process, despite the Secretary of State taking every precaution to ensure a fair election under Minnesota law.

But Coleman’s political future may depend on more than just the outcome of his appeals.

Norm Coleman insisted Thursday that he and his wife, Laurie, have done nothing wrong.

The former U.S. senator was talking about a Texas lawsuit’s claim that a campaign donor funneled the Colemans $75,000 disguised as a business transaction…

The FEC has also not made any public response to a complaint filed later in December by the Alliance for a Better Minnesota, which asked the commission to rule on what the Alliance called Coleman’s violation of federal election law. The alliance last year asked for investigations into the money-funneling claims by the Senate ethics committee and the FBI.

News last December that the FBI has launched a probe preceded Coleman’s announcement about the FEC request by a few days.

This week, the alliance’s executive director, Denise Cardinal, told MnIndy that she had received a flurry of calls from reporters in Washington, D.C., about the complaint, but she has no news from the FEC.

Interest in the Texas lawsuit, which was filed last October, was revived last week on news of sworn testimony by a second former executive from Deep Marine Techology Inc. B.J. Thomas claimed Kazeminy had demanded in 2007 that the company make a series of $25,000 payments to Hays Companies, a St. Paul insurance firm where Laurie Coleman works. Kazeminy, the executives claim, gave the order in the context of a comment that “United States senators don’t make shit.”

Time to give it up, Norm. Give it all up.

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