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Action: Call on Legislators to Invest in Minnesota.

Xavier already posted today about making our taxes more fair, but there is also an action going on today to use those funds to invest in Minnesota once again. From the Invest in Minnesota’s website:

Minnesota is a great state and we want to keep it that way. Minnesota still ranks high in a number of areas, and many Minnesotans are doing well. But we’re slipping. Confronted with budget deficits starting in 2002, the legislature enacted considerable cuts in funding, causing Minnesota to lose ground compared to other states.

* For the first time in decades, Minnesota’s economy is underperforming the national average.

* Minnesota’s ranking among states in state funding for higher education dropped from 12th in FY 2001 to 35th in FY 2006.

* The number of Minnesota households spending more than half of their income on housing more than doubled from 2000 to 2006—the fastest growth in the nation in this measure.  

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We cannot continue to balance the budget on the backs of the less fortunate and expect to build a Minnesota that works for all of us. It’s time for the wealthy to start paying their fair share. As Minnesota 2020 showed us:

Call your legislators and tell them to invest in Minnesota, and make our tax system fair.

Join Us.