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Tuesday: President Obama to Sign Landmark Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.

Tomorrow, President Barack Obama will sign the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act into to law.

You might remember, this is the law Rep. Michele Bachmann said will create "re-education camps for young people … under the guise of volunteerism."

The Serve America Act expands the Americorps community service program from 75,000 positions to 250,000.

From the White House:

President Barack Obama will sign the landmark Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act on Tuesday, April 21st. The event will take place at 4 PM EDT at The SEED School of Washington, D.C., an innovative public school that caters to underserved students who may face challenges in school and at home.

The President will give remarks on the bipartisan service legislation which will open up new opportunities for millions of Americans. He will call on people across the country to serve their communities and work together to tackle the nation’s tough challenges.

Even in these difficult economic times, folks are stepping forward and offering their free time and resources to help out their neighborors in need.

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