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Letter asks Governor to be careful with budget cuts.

Joanne Church of Two Harbors wrote to Gov. Pawlenty earlier this week to ask Gov. Pawlenty to think about the "human consequences" of his budget proposals.

From her letter, it’s clear that Joanne doesn’t agree with Pawlenty’s plans to cut important basic services like health care, education and food stamps for low-income families – the victims of our poor economy – that have an unemployed adult in the household.

Dear Governor Pawlenty,

The proposed budget FROM YOU does NOT give expression of our citizens’ MORAL responsibility for the WHOLE community.

As a member of the United Church of Two Harbors (UMC&PC(USA), I am ready to give 10 percent more in Minnesota Income Tax so that Health Care, Human Services and Education for children will be supported.

Scripture of the Jew, the Moslem and the Christian, ALL ask us to provide for THOSE MOST IN NEED.

Be courageous in leadership in leading for YOUR FAITH VALUES.

Joanne Church

Two Harbors

P.S. Take advantage of the work done by the (JRLC) Joint Religious Legislative Committee. The JRLC promotes only what these three faith members support: ways to budget for needed Health Care, Housing, Education, and Ending Poverty.

Are taxes fair if working Mom pay a higher percentage of her income to taxes than a billionaire?

Of course it’s not fair… but it is the case here in Minnesota.

According to Minnesota 2020, middle income households in Minnesota (household income from ,000 to ,500) paid 12.3 cents of each dollar of income in state and local taxes, while the wealthiest one percent of households (household income above 7,900) paid only 8.9 cents. If nothing changes, taxes will become even less fair in 2011.

Now is the perfect time to fix this inequality.

Join Us.