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New Ads Urge Pawlenty to Fix MN Health Care System, Not Cut Those Who Need Care.

Keeping up the pressure on Governor Pawlenty, ABM and a coalition of labor groups released the second in a string of radio ads to air on Governor Pawlenty’s weekly radio show.

The ads feature regular Minnesotans urging Gov. Pawlenty to stand up for working families, and do more to create jobs, provide health care, strengthen public schools and invest in our state’s future.

This week’s ad features Tee McClenty, an emergency room tech at a hospital in Maplewood.  Tee recorded the ad after hearing the Governor complain on his show last week about the requirement that hospitals provide care to anyone who walks through the door, even if they don’t have health insurance.

I love caring for patients who walk through the emergency room, but I’m tired of our health care system forcing families to use it because it’s the only place they can get care.

Gov. Pawlenty’s budget makes big cuts in health care and kicks families off of state-sponsored health care–a program which was designed to help those who aren’t offered coverage through their employeers.

Earlier in the year, Govenor Pawlenty had to abandon his proposal to cut the health care benifits of an additional 113,000 Minnesotans in order to qualify for some of the federal economic recovery money.

"We need to fix the system – not kick people out of the care they have," says Tee.

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