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What Do Taxes Pay For? What Do You Appreciate Most?

Here at ABM, we’re proposing that instead of complaining about taxes, we take the time to think about what our taxes do pay for.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a great chart detailing where federal tax dollars go. (Matt Yglesias has more.)

But federal taxes aren’t the only taxes we pay. State taxes go towards our roads and buses. State taxes fund breakthrough research at our colleges and universities, keep our parks clean, and pay for our police, firefighters, and our teachers.

Taxes help pay for the services we need most–and it’s time we said thanks.

Let’s take Tax Day and make it Tax Appreciation Day. Sign the thank you card and let us know what you’re glad our taxes pay for.

Is it our world-class education system? The first responers who were on the scene at the I-35W bridge collapse within minutes? Minnesota Care?

Let us know!

If you’re on Twitter, use the #thanktaxes hashtag to let us know.

Join Us.