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Cops Do Not Grow On Trees.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been asking people to say thanks for the services that our taxes provide for us as a community, and some on the right haven’t been impressed. We believe that when everyone is paying their fair share in taxes, we get great services that we all use and love in return. However, in today’s opinion exchange in the Star Tribune, we sadly get the story of a community that is learning that cops just don’t grow on trees. From the Opinion piece:

In the growing south suburban community of Elko New Market, newly-elected city councilman Bob Hanna, who ran on a tax-cutting platform, convinced a majority of councilmembers to hastily dismantle the city police department — all in the name of saving money. The trouble is that the city made this move without lining up a replacement for permanent law enforcement protection.

Boneheaded doesn’t even begin to describe it.

As this story shows, local governments are facing incredibly tough decisions with the massive cuts in local government aid (LGA) that Governor Pawlenty is pushing through, and when no new tax pledges are put before mainting crucial public sevices, whole communities suffer. Head over to the article to read the rest of the story.

We have some easy steps you can take to make sure this story doesn’t get played out all over the state during this budget fight.

  1. First, say thanks for all of the services that our taxes provide us.
  2. Second, contact Governor Pawlenty during his weekly radio show and ask him to make sure everyone is paying their fair share in taxes, the contact information is below.
  3. Finally, check out our radio ads playing during the Governor’s show, and contact your local legislators in support of fair taxes.

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