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VIDEO: A World Without Water.

Current takes a look at water scarcity in the "Age of Drought" by focusing on Florida, China, and Nevada, three areas of the world where the effects of dryness are being felt.

In Florida, the Everglades has slowly been transforming into a salt flat, threatening the many species which call the swamp home. In China, problems associated with water pollution are compounded by a giant dust bowl and drought. And at Nevada’s Lake Mead, which was once the world’s largest reservoir and provides water for much of the Southwestern United States, Laurel Ling found that experts are now giving the lake a 50% of completely drying up in the next dozen years.

The video also features an interview with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and has a great summary of the action being taken by the federal government to combat water scarcity.

Watch the video here:

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