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“King Tim” Polka Song Attacks Pawlenty for Putting National Ambitions Before Minnesota’s Working Families.

Minnesotans are finding new and creative ways to respond to Governor Tim Pawlenty’s decision to ignore the will of the elected legislature and unilaterally decide how the state’s budget process would end through unallotments.

One of these Minnesotans is "Uncle Russ" Scheidler of Local 2181, who wrote a polka song for AFSCME’s override rally about about Tim Pawlenty’s decision to put his national ambition ahead of the health and welfare of working Minnesotans.

Listen to “King Tim" below.

Want to sing along? Here are the lyrics. 

King Tim

King Tim of Minnesota
Doesn’t care about democracy
King Tim of Minnesota
He wants to be president, you see

1st verse
So, he acts like a little bully
It’s my way or the highway, says King Tim
He will not count your vote fully
Unless you vote Republican like him

2nd verse
He insists on "no new taxes"
He’ll create new jobs by laying people off
He will kill your health and welfare
And the blood on his hands won’t wash off 

3rd verse
If you’re a proud homeowner
You will pay for all Tim’s budget bill
He decided corporations get a free ride
Under Time, the rich will never pay their fill

© 2009 by Uncle Russ

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