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Defending the Minnesota We Know and Love.

Last week, Governor Tim Pawlenty announced the first round of budget cuts and unallotments.  He’s been trying to play them off as no big deal, but his proposals don’t fix the problems that lead to the state’s record budget deficit.

Instead, his proposals cut jobs, throw Minnesotans off health care (while increasing premiums for the rest of us), raise taxes on renters, and make it harder for working families to send their kids to college.

It doesn’t have to be like this–a one-day special session could save jobs, keep thousands of Minnesotans out of emergency rooms, and keep class sizes down across the state.

From ABM’s Executive Director, Denise Cardinal:

Boot hockey tournaments, wild rice, state fair foods on a stick, Joe Mauer behind the plate and snoopy statues are just some of the things that make our state "above average."

On Tuesday, Governor Tim Pawlenty went after some of the core services that make up another great part of our state. He chose to cut thousands of people off of health care, slash aid to cities used for police and firefighters, and gut higher education instead of working with the balanced budget provided by the legislature. It doesn’t have to be like this–we need to step up now to defend the Minnesota we all know and love.

Go to the Defend Minnesota Action Center right now to push back against Tim Pawlenty, and those standing by his side, as he continues to make these reckless cuts to essential programs. All of our voices are needed to call for a special session.

Pawlenty didn’t get us into this mess by himself. Pawlenty vetoed the balanced budget plan and every single state Republican supported him, leaving our state in a deficit. Then, Pawlenty headed to Washington, D.C. for a string of public appearances to stir up talk about his presidential ambitions.

Tim Pawlenty may be more concerned about his political future, but we need to let him know we expect him to represent the state that elected him.

We need all of our voices calling for a special session NOW to get Governor Pawlenty’s attention. He needs to come together with the Legislature for a one-day special session. A special session could save tens of thousands of jobs, keep thousands of Minnesotans out of emergency rooms, and keep class sizes down across our state.

Join me in defending the "above average" Minnesota that we all love. Take action here.

Thanks for all you’re doing,

Denise Cardinal
Executive Director
Alliance for a Better Minnesota


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