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Everyone Has a Health Care Story: Americans Know Reform Cannot Wait.

How many people have a health care story to share with the nation? According to Laura Askelin‘s article a couple of days ago, everyone at the “Health Care 09 – We Can’t Wait” event in Washington D.C. These folks know that health care reform cannot wait, that the time has come to break private insurance companies’ hold over us. Askelin speaks as someone who knows that union members must give up wage increases to keep their health care coverage, and as an employer who must secure health care for her employees.

What struck me about her article the most was the dedication and passion these people have put into really seeing that health care gets reformed for the better.

The next morning a delegation of more than 70 Minnesotans met with members of the Minnesota congressional delegation, including U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, to stress the need for a comprehensive, affordable plan that covers everyone. I was joined by union brothers and sisters from SEIU, MNA, BCTGM and CWA to offer our views of the health care system as union members.

Small-business owners, nurses, doctors, Mayo Clinic employees, Native Americans and faith leaders joined us as we called on our leaders to support legislation that gives the option of a public health insurance plan.

The 70 Minnesotans who met with their members of Congress and the astounding 10,000 people who rallied during the event tell me that the desire for reform is nationwide. Health care reform that includes universal coverage is something that the nation is calling for. If we all continue make sure that our members of Congress know how much health care reform means to us, we can tell them that health care reform cannot wait. Sign a petition to demand quality, affordable health care for all here. Next, be sure to call your legislators and ask them to do the same.


Photo Credit: The Morning Call

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